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Editors, RMB Week, Aug 28, 2017

The RMB has shown greater two-way volatility over the past 18 months than ever before.

Editors, RMB Week, Mar 20, 2017

China is now a candidate for global leadership in its nation-wide efforts on sustainable development.

Matthew Chan, DTCC, Mar 07, 2017

Addressing remaining issues could end debate over whether RMB is over- or undervalued.

Sunil Kaushal, Standard Chartered Bank, Jan 23, 2017

How China is using trade links with the Middle East and Africa for its next phase of internationalisation.

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Editors, RMB Week, Apr 18, 2017

Economic growth solid, mortgage contribution to credit growth declines.

Editors, RMB Week, Apr 18, 2017

Deputy governor cites global uncertainties, risks from foreign markets, illegal financing.

Editors, RMB Week, Apr 11, 2017

RMB and capital outflows have become less volatile; but currency internationalisation still has some way to go.

Editors, RMB Week, Apr 03, 2017

This will bring the total number of free trade zones in China to 11.

Editors, RMB Week, Apr 03, 2017

Xinjiang has conducted cross-border RMB settlement with 86 countries and regions.

Editors, RMB Week, Apr 03, 2017

By December 2016, RMB-denominated forex reserves accounted for 1.07 percent of global forex reserves.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 28, 2017

Closed-door meeting focuses on enhancing policy design.

Editors, RMB Week, Mar 21, 2017

Research firm says international outlook for China’s bond, equity markets improving.