RMB Week is a platform that brings into focus the development of the RMB in the international financial markets and business world.

The internationalisation of the RMB is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the development of a global currency and as this happens a strong barometer of the economic development of China.

RMB Week looks to help explain why the developments are significant and what they mean by covering the international business progress as well as following the internal policy changes driving this.

The website will be structured around content that encapsulates the three main themes surrounding the internationalisation of the Chinese currency:

1) Investing into China (Capital markets, RQFII, QFII, Stock Connect)
2) Chinese RMB as a Reserve Currency (Regulation, economic policy and macro-economics)
3) Trade ability (Trade flows, Overseas hubs, FX)

The Team
Over the past 5 years inAsia Media has been building networks and information platforms for the financial marketplace. In 2013 the firm launched Regulation Asia, already now a well recognised and thriving online platform servicing the regulatory and compliance space. Regulation Asia brings together both content, events and research and the same suite of products will be applied to RMB Week. With offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai and an expanded partner network in China, inAsia Media is perfectly placed to offer unique insights and intelligence direct from the team on the ground. Reporters, analysts and advisors work with the firm to bring analysis on the subject.


Editorial: Peter Guy -
Sales: Nick Wakefield -

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