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Sunil Kaushal, Standard Chartered Bank, Jan 23, 2017

How China is using trade links with the Middle East and Africa for its next phase of internationalisation.

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Editors, RMB Week, Mar 21, 2017

Research firm says international outlook for China’s bond, equity markets improving.

Editors, RMB Week, Mar 21, 2017

Newspaper says new regulations to come this year will boost, direct foreign capital.

Editors, RMB Week, Mar 21, 2017

PBOC raised rates on repurchase agreements, lending facilities last week, but not policy rates.

Editors, RMB Week, Mar 14, 2017

Indications from SAFE, PBOC suggest more benign external environment will facilitate internationalisation.

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Editors, RMB Week, Mar 20, 2017

China is now a candidate for global leadership in its nation-wide efforts on sustainable development.

Matthew Chan, DTCC, Mar 07, 2017

Addressing remaining issues could end debate over whether RMB is over- or undervalued.

Editors, RMB Week, Jan 10, 2017

Inclusion of China’s currency in IMF basket set to kickstart new era in RMB trade and capital market products and services.

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Samuel Riding, RMB Week, Oct 28, 2016

SWIFT’s director for ASEAN markets discusses the RMB’s current and potential status.

Editors, RMB Week, Oct 25, 2016

Exploring the key factors influencing how businesses manage their RMB liquidity.

Samuel Riding, RMB Week, Sep 27, 2016

Regulators and market participants expect calm initial reaction to SDR inclusion.

Editors, RMB Week, Sep 20, 2016

New securities depository a key building block for Australian ambitions, suggests ASX’s Helen Lofthouse.